Joginder Shokeen

Hello! I am Joginder Shokeen, drug addiction consultant, a mentor & body building Trainer. This is the story of my life relating to overcoming drug addiction and how I started a rehabilitation. Centre and in the process developed the aim of awaking and making people aware as to how to get rid of drugs. When I was very young, I started to take Drugs. In the beginning, I felt very good and my feelings were very high and it was amazing for me, but after some time I realised that it’s addiction and that it’s not good for me and my family and I tried to get rid of drugs but I was helpless. This bad habit of addiction not only affected me ,but also my family as they were totally depressed. So, my family members decided to marry me so that I can get rid of my addiction, but it didn’t happen.

All the efforts of my parents were in vain. My friends, relatives and all the people I know, started getting upset with this addiction. One day somebody suggested my parents about rehabilitation centre and the process of rehabilitation from drug addiction. So finally my parent’s decided to send me to rehab. Rehabilitation was the last hope specially for me because once I decided to commit suicide as I was very disappointed and depressed from my life and also all of my family members were suffering. As I joined the rehabilitation centre , I realised that rehabilitation centre has transformed my thoughts and gave me a “new life”.

It was a Great Journey to Recovery.

In the starting I thought nothing will be fine, but my counsellor and their team was with me in this crucial phase, and from rehabilitation centre I came to know that drug addiction is not only an addiction ,but it is also a disease. I did everything to get rid of this disease as my counsellor suggested me and after few weeks I felt better and gradually the charm of my life returned. After 11 months of reincarnation, I was completely fit and well. My thoughts were completely transformed and I started to feel like a bird that can fly in the open sky. It was like I came from imprisonment and got another birth. Soon after , I focussed on my career and then I started with the health awareness program and contributed in spreading the message of drug de-addiction. In 2007, I opened a fitness centre( GYM) with the support of my parents, soon it was successful as membership increased and thereafter I started one more gym with the blessings of my parents. Now, I have decided to contribute towards the society and thus I started with de-addiction program by opening this rehabilitation centre.

I opened my rehabilitation centre, Diya Welfare Trust, in 2008 and till now we have helped a lot of people to get rid of their addictions.

My message for youngsters: You are the future of India so don't ruin your life with any kind of addiction.

Jai Hind

Joginder Shokeen