Vipin Sachdeva

Vipin Sachdeva (Drug Addiction counselor) has 30 Years of Experience in healing drug addicted people. He was raised in an upper class family but due to bad company he started taking drugs at the age of 13 Years due to which he became a threat to his family's peace of mind and suffered from critical illness too. So, at the age of 22 Years his family decided to treat this situation by sending him to rehabilitation center but they were not able to find a good one in Delhi, so finally they got one which is located in Mumbai and Vipin Sachdeva got better with the help and proper care of that rehabilitation center within 11 months. After recovering from that critical situation Vipin decided to help the other such drug addicts and he ran many health programs and got associated with rehabilitation centers in Delhi and started helping these victims.

Now he is associated with out Organization "Diya Welfare Trust" and may his 30 Years of strong Experience help in healing