Welcome to Diya Welfare

Diya Welfare Trust is a non-profit organization, dedicated to making a positive change in the lives of those struggling with addiction?
We strive to help as many people as we possibly can to reduce both the stigma and impact of addiction.

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Why Choose Us?

Diya Welfare Trust team is motivated to deliver treatment and personal care that meets our highest standards.

  • Furnished & Air-conditioned Rooms.
  • Hot & Cold Water- 24x7.
  • Hygienic Food- Veg/Non Veg menu.
  • Satellite TV.
  • Recreational and Sports facilities.
  • 24*7 medical and support staff.
  • Panel of Medical & Psychiatric staff.
  • Daily room cleaning.
  • Clean and Modern Living Area.

  • Our Treatment

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    Alcohol addiction treatment

    The availability and social acceptance of alcohol makes it one of the most commonly consumed intoxicating..

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    Drug addiction treatment

    Drug addiction is a chronic disease characterized by compulsive, or uncontrollable, drug seeking and..

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    Heroin addiction treatment

    Diya Welfare Trust is the main Rehabilitation Center in Delhi which offers the best private Rehabilitation..

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    Cocaine addiction treatment

    Cocaine is a stimulant, meaning it increases alertness and energy. It affects the neuropathways in your brain..

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    Marijuana addiction treatment

    Marijuana also known as ganja, pot, herb, grass, kif, weed, Mary Jane, reefer, skunk, chronic, boom, and gangster..

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    Whitener addiction treatment

    whitener-inhalation addiction is the first step to drug addiction or alcoholism..

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    Brown Sugar addiction treatment

    Brown sugar is usually made available in powder form, and is kept in small vials.

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    Cough Syrup addiction treatment

    Treatment includes detox to remove all DXM from your body; rehab to help you..

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    Smack addiction treatment

    Smack, sometimes also called black tar heroin, is an illegal form of a strong opioid drug. Heroin comes from a..

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    Our Team

    Joginder Shokeen


    Hello! I am Joginder Shokeen, drug addiction consultant, a mentor & body building Trainer. Read More...

    Anuj Johri

    Drug Addiction analyst/Researcher

    Anuj Johri Drug Addiction analyst/Researcher, Motivational Speaker for Drug Addiction with 36 years of Experience. Read More...

    Sanjeev Sharma


    HELLO! I'm Sanjeev Sharma. I'm Pharmacist.